"Road to Success" started in 2016 as an annual training program, with more than 8,500 participants, organized as part of our social responsibility and contribution to community.

Designed as an experiential training-event, this program was created following numerous requests from various individuals and community members in business and local entrepreneurship aiming to benefit from the knowledge, models and successful practices created and perfected by Agna Leadership Academy

Success is never casual. Increased knowledge and its rigorous implementation will bring major changes to the quality of life and achievement of the objectives. Success in personal and business life is achieved if we cultivate progressive beliefs, continuous motivation, and harmony with ourselves, family and organization, securing the right tools and systems for continuous progress.

“Road to Success” is a unique program that enables increased control over the most important areas of life; health, emotions, relationships, careers, finances, to time management. "The road to Success" sums up in 3 days years of experience, lessons learned, successes, and best world practices.

“Road to Success” has the potential to radically transform your everyday experience.

This training event will encourage you to ask more from your life by focusing on personal and professional development, realizing that "magic" happens if we are freed from the "chains" of obstructive beliefs, and when we act and live according to real potential.

 “Road to Success” training event will get you acquainted with some of the reasons why you think, feel and behave as you do now. This program aims to help anyone who wants more of life. Even though you can’t control reality, you can fully control how much influence reality will have in your life, now or in the future.

If one invests constantly in himself, visualizes his dreams, has a will, strong reasons, self-confidence, and is committed to living life as imagined, sooner or later he will succeed in achieving success. It all starts within us.

There is no better time than NOW to start or empower your journey to the life you desire.